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Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
EHS Management System Implementation 

Develop and implement a full EHS management system according to US and Israeli standards including  Machine Guarding, Hazardous Energy, Combustible Dust, Elevated Work, Process Safety, Confined Space, Audits & Inspections, Wastewater, and Sustainability.  

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Part of an international team of specialist auditors for a large FTSE100 site in EU. The audit covered all aspects of EHS management system, starting with leadership, engagement, continuous improvement, risk management for shop floor activities, training and preventive maintenance.

HAZMAT Storage

Risk Management for large industrial Hazardous Chemicals warehouse and inspection according to Israeli HAZMAT codes. the storage covered most of chemicals hazard group  including compliance with the Israeli Ministry of Environment. 

Virtual Reality

Employee and Managers engagement in cutting edge VR technology training.

Scientist in the Lab
Lab consulting

Map lab chemicals, instruments, and processes, built lab safety programs including the chemical and physical risks, and employee training.   

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Identify physical and regulatory considerations in process scale-up, from lab, to pilot, and full-scale manufacturing.

Modern Container Terminal
Harbor consulting

Marine harbor regulatory and emergency consulting.

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